Флисовые Толстовки фирмы SG 80

05.09.2015 10:00:00
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Флисовые Толстовки фирмы SG 80
Спортивная одежда

Флисовые Толстовки фирмы - SG 80



SG 80 - has a range of core styles, with consistent colours throughout and an ethos of Mens Ladies Kids in virtually all products. The brands philosophy is about making life easier for its customers in every way; from product choice, price, support and service. The team behind SG has over 100 years combined experience in an industry that’s less than 40 years old itself. This combined knowledge ensures that every product in the SG range has been designed to represent the best value for money and most importantly has been carefully designed with decoration in mind. 

As an organisation we’d like to be as simple and transparent as possible, so if there’s anything you’d like to know just ask. We like getting to know our customers, so please email if you have any questions, comments, things you'd like to see. We welcome all feedback.

Цена в розницу
1563 руб; 5670 тенге; $22,91; 1500 сом (оптом дешевле)

Материал - Флис

Размеры - S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Телефон: +996 555 216 903 

Адрес: Ак-Cуу (Дордой) 2 пр. к. 108/2

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Мы постоянно ездим в Дордой,раз в 3 месяца...Я даже не хожу на нашу барахолку...Раз 10 уже были,и ни разу никаких проблем не было..Правда лучше ехать в обычный день..,и народу поменьше ,и границу быстро проходишь..Я там и себе ,и детям сразу все закупаю,многие модели здесь и не встретишь...

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